Sharpe Bros. Celebrates 8 Years — Over 1 Million Work-Hours — With ‘No Lost Time’

Sharpe Bros. Celebrates 8 Years — Over 1 Million Work-Hours — With ‘No Lost Time’

Vecellio Group’s Safety Culture and News from its Mining, Heavy/Highway Construction and Energy Operations Featured In VanGuard

(3rd Quarter 2014)

VanGuard -- Vecellio Group, Inc.

Working more than one million hours over a span of eight years without a lost-time incident is remarkable. Yet the employees of Sharpe Bros. in Greensboro, NC, have surpassed this milestone, marked by a recent celebration breakfast.

Meanwhile, Sharpe’s parent company, Vecellio & Grogan, is making good progress on heavy/highway construction and site development work totaling nearly $200 million across multiple mid-Atlantic states.

This and other news from the Vecellio Group, including activities at its mining, energy and Florida roadwork and site development operations, are highlighted in the 3rd Quarter 2014 VanGuard, also available online.

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Contents Include:

  • Long-Term Supply: White Rock Prepares New Sections For Mining

  • As A Core Principle, Working Safely Is Part Of The Daily Job Description
    (A Word From Leo Vecellio, Jr.)

  • Sharpe Bros. Celebrates 8 Years Of ‘No Lost Time’

  • Quality & Safety Awards Attest To Ranger’s Performance

  • Vecellio & Grogan, Sharpe Bros. and Ranger Construction Put Vecellio Group In Top 20 In Highway Work

  • Private-Sector Site & Paving Work Continues To Rebound

  • Builder Recognizes Outstanding Safety Efforts

  • Vecellio & Grogan Making Good Progress On Nearly $200 Million In Highway & Site Work In West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina

  • Well-Equipped: Key Strategy Provides Reliable, Productive Fleet For Vecellio & Grogan, Sharpe, White Rock and Ranger

  • A Look At Vecenergy’s Port Everglades Operations

  • Smile, You’re On Vecellio Group Camera!

  • Kathryn Vecellio Named To WVU Hall of Fame

  • Retirements, Promotions & New Hires

  • In Memoriam: Art Fowler, 84, Former V.P., Was A ‘Rare Find’

  • Architect of the Capitol Presents 2014 Vecellio Distinguished Lecture

  • Contact Information for the Vecellio Companies

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