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Sharpe Bros. has been serving the Greensboro/ Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina since 1980, providing high-quality grading, asphalt paving and underground utilities services.

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Sharpe Bros. Provides High-Quality Grading, Asphalt Paving and Underground Utilities Services for the Greensboro/Piedmont Triad Area of North Carolina

Sharpe Bros. is well-known as a leading grading, asphalt paving/resurfacing and underground utilities contractor serving the Greensboro/Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina. The company has been serving the area for decades and recently also added asphalt shingle recycling.

In 2006 Sharpe Bros. became a division of Vecellio & Grogan, a well-respected, family-owned contractor founded in 1938. Managed by Vice President Ivan Clayton, the division continues to serve its valued customers under the familiar Sharpe name. As part of the acquisition, Vecellio & Groganís asphalt operations also unified under the Sharpe banner.

Originally established by Steve Sharpe in 1980, the company has grown along with the Piedmont Triad area over the years and established a reputation for high-quality services and asphalt products. As part of Vecellio & Grogan, Sharpe Bros. is increasing its commitment to excellence in all its operations and looks forward to serving its valued public- and private-sector customers for many decades to come.

Vecellio & Grogan is part of Vecellio Group, Inc., perennially ranked in or near the top half of Engineering News-Record's Top 400 Contractors, a well-respected ranking of the largest contractors in the United States.

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Main Office:
204 Base Leg Rd.,  Greensboro, NC  27409   (336) 235-2756

We Have Three Asphalt Plant Locations To Provide Fresh Hot-Mix Asphalt:
● 6311 Burnt Poplar Rd., Greensboro, NC  27409  (336) 854-8846
● 7809 Lebanon Rd., Greensboro, NC  27409  (336) 605-3775
● 3970 Liberty Rd., Greensboro, NC  27406  (336) 674-0138

Our asphalt plants now accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express

Our asphalt plants accept Visa and MasterCard

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American owned and operated

Sharpe Bros. is a Division of Vecellio & Grogan, a member of the Vecellio Group.

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